Hello, Yes, everything was great with the order… the color was perfect! Everyone that I spoke with at Regal Candelabra was friendly, helpful and professional, and all of my emails were answered within 24 hours. I will recommend your company to friends and family.

(New York)

After getting so many compliments I finally understood why my decorating specialist insisted on “Regal’s candelabras” they had the right touch to give my wedding the perfect looks. Just like I wanted. I couldn’t ask for more.


I have been in the event planning business for the past 17 years providing a variety of commodities and equipment for parties and celebrations of all kind. Beyond any expectation Regal Candelabras quickly become one of the best sellers in my store. One of their iron isle stands is our staring product. The unique combination of great materials, state of art decoration & reasonable prices take Regal Candelabras to the top at their field.


I hate making decisions especially when it comes to decorating; I never know what to choose. Your catalogue and various collections online had caught my eyes. The fact that the candelabras look even more impressive in reality made me feel I made the right decision and my wife decided to decorate our private dining area with a crystal table top spire stand, our favorite. I highly recommend it to all of my friends. Thank you.


Our company specializes in throwing big event. We are committed to our clients providing constant originality and professionalism. Regal’s great service, creative models and competitive prices were what made us keep working with them on regular bases.


I found Regal Candelabra through one of my searches for the right item that will fit the wedding’s style. Regal’s elegant candelabras & accessories make every night look spectacular. With Regal I I feel comfortable knowing I can always satisfy my clients without crossing their budget. I enjoy the results every time


A few years ago after we finished renovating and decided to redecorate we looked for some items to make the final touch. Regal’s candelabras were the perfect solution combining classic taste and rich looks. High quality products.

(N.Y.C NY)

Your creations are fantastic and I am equally impressed with your customer service staff. It is nice to call and not go thru 50 recorded messages to finally get to a real person. It is also nice to speak to people (on the phone or online) who have manners. People who make you feel your business is appreciated and don’t mind answering questions. It has truly been a pleasure doing business with Regal Candelabra. Sincerely, Molly